You Are Not Your Target Audience

By Evelyn Timson

You might be surprised to learn just how many businesses don’t have a solid grasp on who their target audience is. As this piece of information is key to fully understanding their interests and motivations, many businesses are missing out on the opportunity to gain deeper insights into precisely what their audience want to see and how they want to consume content.

Misunderstanding who your audience are and what they like can cause your video content and strategy to miss the mark, sometimes seriously. From poorly judged creative decisions, to ill defined brand style and personality, through to misjudged promotional and seeding strategies, making assumptions about your target audience can be costly. At worst it can help to foster a brand identity that will never resonate with your potential customers and clients.

In this article I want to explore how successful brands and businesses seek to understand their audiences and use this information to create content that is loved and shared. But first, let’s turn our attention to the fate of so much content online.

Avoiding the Fate of Orphan Content

Content may still be king, but all kings need a kingdom. Your content may be absolutely incredible, which may get it some initial recognition and lift, but branded content will never get the attention it deserves without a considered and comprehensive activation strategy behind it.

Orphan content is a term we here at Aspect have coined to describe content that has failed to garner enough attention to justify its creation and has therefore been consigned to the sparsely populated and unloved corners of the internet (a sad fate, I know).

Although it is tricky to determine with accuracy just how much orphan content is currently sitting out there online, it is probably a lot more than you initially imagine. To provide some context for this statement, research conducted by Moz and Bussumo in 2015 found that more than 50% of the randomly selected posts that were analysed had 2 or fewer Facebook interactions. Whilst a lot of that content may well have been rubbish, it’s likely that a lot of it wasn’t and deserved a lot more love.

The Causes of Orphan Content

Creating content that is engaging, memorable and powerful is no easy feat but that task is further complicated if you don’t have a fundamental understanding of who you want to engage.

– A Lack of Quality

No amount of promotion will help content that simply doesn’t offer anything of value to its audience. And remember, it is impossible to deliver value to an audience that hasn’t been comprehensively defined.

– An Unsuccessful Activation Strategy

An activation strategy is the process of delivering your content to your intended target audience through a range of media and marketing channels. Getting this wrong means that regardless as to how good your content is, it simply won’t get enough attention to justify its creation.

– An Ineffective Approach to Content Repurposing

Longevity is a core component of successful content. Keeping your content in the spotlight is reliant on your understanding …read more

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