ZēLUS Review: Enjoy Post-Workout Beers With Flavor From Race Pace, Light Into Dark And Long Run

By Shawn Rice

When you think of beer, the stereotype of the average customer is a large, inactive person. ZēLUS, a Massachusetts-based craft brewer, is looking to change that image. ZēLUS aims to connect people with a passion for craft beer and an active lifestyle. You can live a healthy life and still enjoy good beer.
What about ZēLUS? They are named after the Greek spirit of contest and rivalry. With that in mind, ZēLUS creates beers to be enjoyed after passionate, physical endeavors. ZēLUS designs beer for active people with the goal of creating brews that both rehydrate and enhance flavor.

How do they do this? ZēLUS uses high-quality ingredients and a natural brewing process. So, next time you are taking on a long hike or bike ride, onsider grabbing a beer from ZēLUS. I had the pleasure to sample three of their beers and they can also be enjoyed without having done anything exhausting.

Race Pace is their New England mild ale, which was conceived as a hybrid beer. This ale combines a classic English Mild recipe with the heavy-handed dry hopping of a New England IPA. You will find this to be an easy beer to drink. It has a base of classic pale malts layered with resinous, citrusy, hoppy goodness from its use of Galaxy and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

Next up is their Light Into Dark, which is their winter porter. For this, ZēLUS blends Pale malt with a combination of Crystal, Munich and Chocolate malts into a delicious Porter for the winter season. Consider grabbing after a day of skiing or snowboarding. Relax and enjoy the delicate chocolate aroma from the roasted grains which are balanced with the subtlety of noble Golding hops.

When enjoying this winter porter, you will taste the Crystal malt, which provides a hint of sweetness. For best results, ZēLUS recommends pouring it into a glass and serve at just over 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, there is Long Run which is their apricot pale ale. This ale is unfiltered and made with real apricots. ZēLUS explains that Long Run aims to perfectly balance the bitterness from hops and the sweetness from grains. Do note that this ale is mildly hopped, yet there is an intense fruity flavor. Guaranteeing the light body of the beer is German pilsner and white wheat grains.

What makes this special is that the real apricots are added during fermentation to maximize their flavor contribution. The result is a great tasting, flavorful multi-season ale for those needed a bit of flavor.

When relaxing and recovering from a run, cycle or hard workout, consider grabbing a beer from ZēLUS where their brewing process looks to produce a hydration-friendly beer. The beer can be drunk …read more

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