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It’s actually simple: Just tap the green Hop user each time you load up, including when you move. You can tap with a Hop card, a telephone utilizing a portable wallet, or a contactless MasterCard. Dissimilar to other travel frameworks, you don’t have to “tap off.”On transports and trolleys, the Hop peruses are situated inside by the entryway.

On MAX, WES and Vine transports, you should tap your card prior to boarding. There are no Hop peruses ready. At some MAX stations you’ll see “Admission Paid Zone” signs, and that implies you want to tap your Hop card, ticket or telephone prior to entering the stage region.

Reload Hop Card Reload:

  • For this use the web address to visit the Hop Card webpage
  • At top right side of the page click on ‘Reload card’ button.


reload hop card reload


  • Next you will be requested to login with the online account.

Check Hop Card Balance:

  • Go to the web address
  • Secondly at the center of the page add the current fare valid until, day passes earned, active passes, unused passes. 16 digit Hop card number, security card.
  • Now click on ‘Check balance/time remaining’ button.


hop card balance


Login to your Hop Card:

  • To reload the card and for other services you need to login with the online account.
  • Visit the webpage
  • At the upper left side of the page enter the account email address, password click on ‘Sign in’ button.


reload hop card login


Recover Hop Card Login Details:

  • To recover the login details use the link
  • Click on ‘Forgot password’ button.
  • Provide the account email address click on ‘Reset password’ button.
  • Now follow the page instructions after this to complete the login recovery process.

Create Hop Card Account:

  • Visit the official webpage
  • Click on ‘Create account’ button.
  • Add the email address, confirm email address, your first name, last name, choose the security question, answer, choose password, confirm password, choose the 4 digit PIN, agree to the terms and click on ‘Create account’ button.

Register your Hop Card Online:

  • To register the card use the link
  • Next click on ‘Register card’ button.


reload hop card register


  • You will be requested to login and create an account.

How to Pay for Hop Card by Phone:

  • Go to the Hop Card portal home page. The URL for the website is
  • At top left side of the page click on ‘Pay by phone’ button.
  • Click with a Virtual Hop Card: Use Adult, Honored Citizen and Youth fares
  • Avail a day pass after spending $5 or $2.50 in a day
  • Earn a month pass after spending $100 or $28 in a calendar month
  • Requires the Hop app and a one-time $3 card fee
  • Hit with a Credit/Debit Card: Use Adult fare
  • Earn a day pass after spending $5 in a day
  • No app or plastic card required

How to Get a Hop Card:

  • To get a card visit the website
  • Next at top left side of the page click on ‘Get a card’ button.
  • You need to check the pay by phone section.

How to Set Up Your Mobile Wallet for Hop:

  • If you’re new to paying for things with your telephone, this is what you want to know:
  • In the first place, ensure you have a wallet application Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay introduced on your telephone.
  • To pay an Adult admission utilizing a credit/check card, follow the means in your wallet application to add one. Or then again, to utilize Adult, Honored Citizen and Youth admissions and procure passes as you ride, get the Hop application to add a virtual Hop card to your wallet.
  • Contingent upon your gadget, you might have to pick how you need to approve installments, for example, by finger impression, facial acknowledgment, PIN or password.

How Hop Card Works:

  • Hold your card or phone over the dim lower portion of the Hop peruser until the screen shows a green imprint. You’ll similarly hear a cost confirming that you paid your charge.
  • The per-user screen will in like manner show you how lengthy you have left on your ticket or pass, and alert you accepting that your card balance is running low. Learn about affirmations, moves and securing passes.
  • Your tap is your proof of portion, so make a point to tap each time you load up a vehicle or train, including when you move. In the occasion that you’re using a pass, you really need to tap.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Hop Card:

  • How to Use Hop Pass on Your Phone?

Simply tap your telephone on the green Hop per-user to safely pay an Adult passage utilizing a credit/charge card in your portable wallet. Or on the other hand, download the Hop application to get a virtual Hop card and partake in every one of the advantages of Hop, right on your telephone.

  • How to Put Money on My Hop Card?

Put cash on your AT HOP card by fixing up your card on the web, AT HOP retailers, at train station and Northern Busway top-up machines, or AT Customer Service Centers. Sign in to top up your card on the web assuming that you have a MyAT account and your card is enrolled.

  • Where Can You Buy Hop FastPass?

Hop cards are accessible at Fred Meyer, Safeway and a lot more stores, and at their office in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Reload your card on, utilizing the Hop Fastpass application or by calling 1-844-MYHOPCARD. You can likewise pay with cash at the store.

Hop Card Customer Service:

For more services and call on 1-844-(694-6722). Send an email at or dial 503-222-4200.

Reference Link:


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