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Activate NBC On Your Device

Activate your Bravo TV on any device 

From hot cuisine to haute couture Bravo TV delivers the best entertainment and the fastest-growing ad-supported entertainment network. Bravo is an entertainment service of NBC Universal Cable. NBC Universal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in developing, production and marketing of entertainment. Bravo TV continues to create buzz into reality and critically acclaimed documentaries including the James Beard and Emmy awards winners. 

Bravo TV top 10 shows:  

  • Top Chef 
  • Married to Medicine 
  • The real housewives of Atlanta 
  • The real housewives of Dallas 
  • The real housewives of New Jersey 
  • The real housewives of Orange County 
  • Basically Stassi 
  • Blind Date 
  • Summer house 
  • Spy games 

Now, you can watch your favorite shows any time day and night on any smart device by downloading the Bravo TV APP from the purchase store. 

Which devices you can see Bravo TV: 

  • You can download the Bravo TV iOS App from the App Store to watch on Apple devices. 
  • You can download for Android App from the Google Play store. 
  • Watch on the Roku channel by downloading the App from the Roku channel store. 
  • You can watch on Apple TV by downloading the App from the Apple TV store. 
  • And you can also watch it on Amazon Fire TV by downloading the App from Amazon TV 

How to subscribe for Bravo TV: 

  • Bravo TV is only available to the United States. 
  • You must subscribe to a TV provider. 
  • After subscribing to a TV provider odds are pretty good you can get Bravo TV. 
  • If you don’t have Bravo, contact your cable provider. 

How to activate Bravo TV: 

  • You didn’t need to create a new account if you already have a username and password provided by your TV provider. 
  • Now, you are required to enter your Activation code, which can be purchased from your TV service provider, and click on “Continue”.


  • After that, select your device, you TV provider and log in using your TV provider login credentials 
  • Now, you can enjoy your Bravo TV anywhere any device. 

What is the cost of this service: 

  • It’s free of cost 
  • If you have a regular TV subscription, it’s an added value to your subscription. 

Can I watch Bravo TV online: 

  • Yes, all the shows and documentaries can be watched online through your Desktop or laptop. 
  • For that, you need to log in with your login credentials which are provided by your TV service provider. 

What are the other service provided by bravo TV: 

  • They provide news service 
  • Where you can get all the latest information about the entertainment industries 
  • They also provide E-commerce service, like Bravo shopping 
  • You can shop online from Fashion to Ornaments. 
  • They also organize monthly sweepstakes 

If you need any assistance regarding Bravo TV and its services you can contact them through the following options 

How to contact Bravo TV: 

  • You can contact them through postal mail, write them to 

Bravo Viewer Relations 

3000 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 250 

Burbank, CA 91523 

  • You can also email them at  



  • You can connect with Bravo TV with social media also 

Facebook – www.facebook.com/Bravo  

Twitter – https://twitter.com/bravoTV  

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/BravobyBravo

Instagram- www.instagram.com/bravoTV 

YouTube- www.youtube.com/user/VideoByBravo    

Reference – www.bravoTV.com  



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